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International Youth Advocates' Journal
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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
10:25 pm
Here's a new teen website I've found out about recently. They've officially opened this past week. I've been posting on the forums, and I'm going to have some articles/devotionals posted on there too.


i've also been writing for a christian girls/ladies site, too. i have the links to it in my LJ.

hope you like!
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
9:49 pm
It just takes the click of a mouse to feed a child, provide a free mammogram, save the rainforest, fund books for kids, protect child health, and even feed some animals.

Just go to the hunger site and click where it says "Help Feed The Hungry." After you clicked that, scroll down to the other organizations that you can click on those too and help. IT IS FREE and you can do it ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY!

www.thehungersite.org www.thehungersite.org www.thehungersite.org
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
4:51 pm

April 29, 2006

Sign up at invisiblechildren.com for a city near you.

The Facts:

  • Northern Uganda called the worst humanitartian crisis in the world today (because of the lack of attention)

  • 1.7 million people are forcibly displaced from their homes

  • An estimated 20,000-50,000 children are abducted to fight as soldiers

  • Tens of thousands of children commute nightly, walking 2 hours every day to a safe space

  • 130 people die per day in Northern Uganda due to violence

  • On April 29th in over 130 cities across the country, thousands are lying down to the demand that our government take a stand and put an end to child abduction, the need for night commuting, and war in Northern Uganda

    Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
    7:37 pm
    Child Sponsorship Opportunity
    I am looking for potential sponsors for the Christian Upliftment School in Uganda. This school, which is in southern Uganda, mainly serves orphans who are refugees of the civil war, mainly taking place in the north. This school has undergone a lot of hardships recently, with the school director dying very suddenly about a month ago (his wife now runs the school), and, on top of that, they were evicted from the land they were renting because the owner had a buyer (they have now moved to a nearby location and are working on buying that land.) Children from this school are available for sponsorship for $20/yr. The school is only about a year old and the need is certainly tremendous! If any of you are interested in possibly being a sponsor, definitely drop me an email (ChristianUpliftmentSchool@gmail.com) and I'll send you the information when it's available.

    In the meantime, check out the website.

    Thanks for reading. I'm definitely passionate about this group and I think it's a great cause to support!

    Monday, March 27th, 2006
    2:08 pm
    Education for Everyone
    Everyone deserves an education. Looking for a way to make that happen?

    Aura's House at http://www.aurashouse.com is currently raising $7,000 to build a classroom for the Sto. Nino Elementary School in Manila, the Philippines. (They have over $4,000 so far...) There are 4,611 students enrolled in the school and the student to teacher ratio is 57 to 1. Students share one desk with two other pupils, meet in three short rotating shifts, and have classes in make-shift outdoor learning areas that must be cancelled when it rains too badly. Most of the kids who attend the school live in slums. To many, their school is like another home and the only means of escaping poverty through education.

    If you'd like to meet Christian Capin, a first grader at Sto. Nino, his photos of his home and school life can be found at: http://www.aurashouse.com/christian_philschool/pages/01christianstudiesathome.htm

    Aura's House has raised over $20,000 to date for housing, health, and education projects for needy families in Central America, India, Zambia, and the Philippines. They work through the US charity, Children International who oversees all building projects.

    Please feel free to check out our current and past projects at: http://www.aurashouse.com and consider donating. Every bit helps, even $1. All donations are 100% US Tax deductible.
    Thursday, March 9th, 2006
    4:39 pm
    Young Women! Take this survey!
    Girls International Forum is in the process of collecting 10,000 surveys from girls around the world in order to identify the main issues facing girls internationally today. With this information we will be able to develop a Girls' Platform for Action which will be utilized world-wide.

    Find out more info at http://www.girlsforum.org/

    Take the survey in English, French, Spanish, or Chinese: http://www.girlsforum.org/survey.htm

    Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
    12:08 pm
    Yesterday was quite possibly, the hardest day I've had at work. Meaning, the most emotional. I know I've had worse days, where all the kids are acting up and its just constant stress. Thats fine. I can take that.

    But today, I honestly felt like my heart was gonna break.

    One of my favourite kids was supposed to leave today. I said goodbye to him yesterday. But when I got to work today, he was still there. When his worker came to take him home, he refused to go.

    This kid has been there for 7 months and has made the most amazing gains of any kid I have seen so far. And people who have worked there for years say the same thing. We are all SO proud of how far he has come and how he has turned his behaviour around. He is now the sweetest, most considerate boy with the most handsome smile. I LOVE spending time with him.

    He was SO excited to go home. And then when the time came, he didn't want to. But he couldn't say why. He just said he didn't want to go. He wanted to stay at the group home.

    Obviously something is up at home but he won't talk about it. But unless he had a reason, his worker had no choice but to take him home. It was a very long process, but after a lot of talking and getting no where it ended up with me and someone else having to restrain him the whole way to his mom's house in the backseat of the van.

    THAT's how much he didn't want to go. THAT's how scared he was. It broke my heart to leave him there, sitting on the couch with the saddest eyes I have EVER seen. His mom didn't even give him a hug or barely acknowledge him when he came home. He has been gone for SEVEN MONTHS and she is so fucking heartless.

    I had to wipe away tears on the drive back to work. Never EVER have I been close to tears at work. Not once.

    I just have this bad feeling that its not gonna work out and hes gonna be back in care in the near future. And I'm afraid that he's going to regress back to his old self and have to start all over again.

    He was so scared and so confused and I had to restrain him while he cried hysterically and tried to kick, scratch, bite, spit on us....anything so that he could stay.

    Imagine how bad it must be at home that you would WANT to stay in a group home. And then we, who are supposed to be the ones to protect him and keep him safe, have to bring him back kicking & screaming to the home he does NOT want to be at.

    But he couldn't tell us why. Why don't you want to go home? WHY? WHY? WHY????

    He called me at work a few hours later. His little voice was so sad & quiet. He said he was doing "good" but all I could hear was his baby sister crying in the background.

    Sometimes its just so hard to take.
    Thursday, September 30th, 2004
    11:30 pm
    I need help.

    To make a long story short... I just got out of a 3 year abusive relationship, which left me the single mother of one wonderful little boy, Aidan (he'll be 2 in November). Paying for diapers, groceries, etc. wasn't a problem while I was in the relationship, but for my own health I had to get out of that.

    Now, my problem is, I'm working, but I can't afford diapers, food, warm clothes, or anything I need for my son. I can barely afford the gas money to get to work, on top of babysitting $ and food.

    I guess what I'm asking, and I'm sorry if I'm coming off sounding like a beggar... but if there is anyone out there who is better off than I am, if you could help me out in any way, I'd be VERY thankful. I don't have much support from my family and I really don't have any friends who could help me out, most of them are younger than I am anyways.

    This is my last resort. If you could please help me, my email is plsmachic@excite.com, or I could email you if you comment with your email address.

    Again, I'm sorry for asking, I just don't know where else to turn.

    ~* Laura *~

    Current Mood: scared
    Monday, September 13th, 2004
    8:11 pm
    Yesterday, I got home from work at 7am, slept for 3 hours, and spent the rest of the day helping Steph and Ryan unpack until 10pm. I was half dead.

    I slept like a log last night. It felt sooooo good. Sleep is good :)

    Today I was a bit nervous for placement since I knew the kids would be there. Two of the girls came today and there are also two boys who are hopefully starting tomorrow.

    The girls are actually really sweet. It makes such a big difference working with teenagers because you can actually hold conversations with them and they need so much less support. So far, I'm really excited about this placement.

    I can see the girls getting rude and up in your face when they're having a bad day or angry, but they're good kids. For some reason, I was expecting the worst. I wouldn't have been surprised if little monsters had shown up with claws and tails and started swearing and throwing chairs at me.

    ...oh ya, that was my first year placement. But it was 8 year old boys coming at me with hockey sticks. *shudder*

    I did a bit of grocery shopping and got stuff to make lunches, since I have to bring a lunch. I also made John a happy boy by surprising him with a new shirt. Now I'm in the good books. (not that I'm not always) ;)

    Current Mood: relieved
    Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
    7:37 pm
    Placement was good today. I'll be working with a CYW (child and youth worker) and a teacher. They're both pretty easy going and it seems like they'll be fun to work with.

    My placement is in a day treatment program which is for 13-16 year olds who have had problems with schools in the past. Many of them have been sexually/physically/emotionally abused, sexual abusers, street kids, etc. Most of them live in goup homes. They are expected to work on credits while in the program as well as life skills, social skills and interpersonal skills. So one of my responsibilities will be running groups with them.

    The kids don't start until Monday so I'll have to see how that goes. I'm pretty nervous about it. I haven't worked with teens before and I'm afraid that all my skills are related to children and I won't know what to do. And these kids can be pretty intimidating. So I'm sure I'm going to have to learn to be a lot more firm and confident.

    Tomorrow's my first day back to school. I'm going to call some of my friends and arrange to meet somewhere cause we got transferred to a new campus and I have no idea where anything is.

    Current Mood: content
    Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
    2:40 am
    A Call to Action
    Nation-Wide Student Protest - March 19th 2004

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know about the nation-wide student protest planned for March 19th, 2004, in commemoration of the one year anniversary of the war in Iraq. Please read the call to action, and if you are interested, forward it along to anyone and everyone who might be willing to participate in a demonstration as well. The SDP's website is http://sdp.webhop.net


    EDIT: Sorry I didn't make this clear earlier.

    The protest on the 19th is a *student* protest, not meant to detract from the events of the 20th. It is a show of student solidarity against the War in Iraq and in expression of our discontent with the state of the union. We are encouraging all students who are participate in the events of the 19th to attend protests on the 20th as well.

    The idea is to get demonstrations on college campuses where they have thus far been lacking in strength and numbers.

    A Call to ActionCollapse )

    (x-posted to antiwar, coldreason, asheville, cultureclub, democrats, iwishforpeace, progressives, protest, radaware, socialists, war_is_over, warprotest, youth_advocates)
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    10:09 pm
    A random excerpt from my writing journal:

    "...Oh, tear down this blockade I have set upon my soul; let me open myself to the world! No matter the pain, teach me to love those who both love and despise me, for we are all human and deserving of care. For God knows as well as I that the worst heartbreak and the greatest love possible comes from our giving nature; no matter the wrongs done against us, we must persist. I can only hope to learn to let go of the past and let the sunshine of tomorrow stream through the window of my soul. I want to love, but I need to cherish trust and faith, for without thses virtues, love is but a vice. Self, fear nothing! Do not turn away when you are shunned-take after them and endear yourself to them; be the one that cared still after everything had been said and done. It will make you a better person..."

    brought to you by your local x-poster...

    <3 to all

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