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International Youth Advocates is an organization founded and run by a 13 year-old activist and two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He is currently in the process of graduating Cum Laude from Randolph-Macon College with a BS in Mathematics, minor in History.


International Youth Advocates promotes principles of peace and understanding among young people throughout the world with the objective of instilling enlightened attitudes that will ultimately advance education, improve families, influence world events and provide hope for the neglected, abused and disenfranchised. We work with international NGOs as well as government and business leaders to enhance and protect the rights and well being of children. Our mission is to create a peaceful, safe and healthy future for all children.

1.2 billion people survive on less than $1 each day. Of these, 600 million are children. At lease 1 billion people do not have enough food to eat.
300,000 children are forced to fight as soldiers in more than 30 countries
125 million children are not able to attend school in the developing world. Less than one-half over age 15 in 30 countries cannot read or write
In the next 10 years, there may be over 30 million AIDS orphans roaming the African continent.

Words from the Founder

The following quotes from Gregory R. Smith give a general summary of his thoughts about child advocacy and his goals for IYA.

After all, in our mission to teach of sharing and compassion we must be exemplary of this message with our own companies and organizations. When I first began meeting people that worked as humanitarians, I became very surprised at their personal agendas instead of a "WORLD'S CHILDREN AGENDA". I have worked since I was seven, not only to help and protect children in need, but also, to bridge the minds and spirits of those with the power to give; the power to govern, and the power to lead. As I have traveled to different countries and across the US I have seen so many different projects trying to accomplish the same goals, diluting the resources and eventually diluting the aid that reaches the children. This work is not about us…it is about helping. ...September 30, 2002

At a time when people are insecure about the future - when hatred turns against the innocent…. wouldn't it restore hope if children took it upon themselves to help other children -- children bridging cultural, political and religious divides - coming together in peace, speaking with one voice for freedom and justice and working for a future without fear and suffering? Children who have not learned to hate, children who feel a connection with their world, children who can define the ideal world where all have opportunity and then believe that it can happen. For the sake of all of us, we must make this happen. ...July 2002

Join International Youth Advocates

Start an IYA Club
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Hold monthly meetings

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promoting peace and nonviolence

Sponsor donation campaigns
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Study the causes of conflict
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Organize community service projects

Connect with other youth
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Mail contributions to:

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Call: 804.752.7250